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Please feel free to contact us directly anytime, details are located below or on our ‘INFO tab’.

Please CONTACT the store prior to ordering ONLINE for more details as ADDITIONAL CHARGES WILL APPLY*

Please login first, afterwards in the My Account section you can access and change your personal details at any time.

To change your password, please first click on the “LOGIN” icon.


You will be taken to the My Account page, where you can then click on the link “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD”

We work hard to process your order quickly and efficiently to get your purchases out for delivery as soon as possible, cancelation of an order may be possible if you contact by phone within 30 minutes of receipt of your order confirmation


Please do not send an E-Mail or use the contact form if you need to cancel your order as the time taken for us to receive your message will mean that the order is already being processed by our staff and cancellation will not be possible.

Once an order has been successfully placed, it CANNOT be amended in our system.


The entire order could be cancelled up to approximately 30 minutes from the receipt of the order confirmation email. To see if cancellation is possible, please contact Customer Relations via Live Chat or phone. This would allow you to place a new order.


If cancellation was not possible, please place a new order for the additional items.

Yes. For security reasons, Thompson’s Jewellers Online does not save credit card information. The data is immediately passed to the company’s partner systems for payment processing. (Stripe Payment)


If you believe that someone has tried to misuse your credit card, please follow the instructions of your credit card issuer immediately and contact customer relations.

The details provided to Thompson’s will not be forwarded to any third parties under any circumstances.


Thompson’s Jewellers Online uses cookies to tailor its products and services. This enables the Online Shop to recognise your browser and to offer you more personalised service. Cookies can be deactivated at any time in your browser.

If you are having issues with the functionality of our website, before contacting our support team, please taking the following steps:


1. Clear cookies.


2. Clear cache


3. Clear browser history


As every browser has different ways to clear these settings, please ensure you follow the correct instructions for your browser.


Clearing these settings can force your browser to reload the latest version of our website and helps to ensure the best possible browsing experience.


If you are still having trouble with the website, please provide us with the following information:


1. URL (normally displayed at the top of the webpage and will be at least


2. Device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet)


3. Device Make


4. Browser (chrome, internet explorer, safari, Firefox etc)


5. Browser version


6. The steps you took before the error appeared


7. A screenshot of the error.


This information will help us narrow down the cause of the problem, which will in turn speed up the resolution.

This service is available to registered users of the Online Shop.


Your wish list may contain up to twenty products that may be bought later or marked as gifts ideas. Articles in your wish list can be purchased at any time by simply moving them into your Shopping Bag.


Please note that the prices of products are subject to change.

Please contact us directly for return inquiries.


Return shipping will be made at the cost of the purchasers expense.

Please contact us directly for return inquiries.


Return shipping will be made at the cost of the purchasers/receivers expense.

Please contact us directly for return or exchange inquiries.


Return shipping will be made at the cost of the purchasers/receivers expense.

Please ensure all information provided for your order is correct before completion and purchase.


The customer is liable for their purchase and information provided.


Always double check before purchase as once the item is shipped we CANNOT change.

Each refund is different depending on the circumstance.


Please view our return policy for more details.


In-store refunds may happen the day of but online refunds may take up to 10 business days to process for fraud protection.

Please visit our Gift Card page located under our “Shop”.


Gift cards can only be used for in-store purchases*

No. All orders must be placed in Canada from a Canadian Credit Card.


Certain exceptions apply, please contact the us if you have any further questions.

Since we are located in Ottawa Ontario Canada. We charge the Ontario 13% HST rate.

All of our payment process are handled through ‘Stripe’.


Credit (Visa, MasterCard)



You can update your email or password anytime by visiting the ‘Account’ area at the top of any page.


Use ‘Forgot Password’ if you need to update your account due to forgotten or misplaced information.

While we don’t have back-ordering on the website for product stock accuracy. We are always happy to order a specific item for you in-store.


Please contact us today for any inquires!

Yes. We have CHAT support during OPEN hours. (Bottom right bubble on your page)


We pride our business on the level of customer service we provide to our clients.


Because of this we do not offer 24/7 LIVE support.


Speaking with a real SPECIALIST is important so please contact us anytime during OPEN hours through our CHAT feature.

Yes. Visit the bottom of the product’s page (verified purchase) and once you have your product please let us know how you are enjoying it — we always love to hear from our clients! 🙂

All orders are held until payment is processed and cleared. In some cases this may take up to 7-10 business days.

Other causes for delay are:


Incorrect Information


Declined Payment




Mail Services


Pandemic Closures


Global Disasters