Swarovski Created Diamonds


Each SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMOND is subject to strict quality controls, precision-cut by master cutters to enhance its unique brilliance and sparkle, before being judged and graded by gemologists via the industry’s standard 4Cs.


Through the magic of innovation, and 125-years of creative brilliance, SWAROVSKI transforms carbon into lab-grown diamonds, the unique SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS, indistinguishable from their natural form.

Produced at high-level environmental safety standards, our lab-grown diamonds embody luxury with a conscience, for next-generation style.


SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS combine timeless craftsmanship and 21st-century values married with epic creativity.

Just as no two mined diamonds are exactly alike, each of our environmentally conscious, lab nurtured diamonds is a complete original, utterly unique and thoroughly enchanting.


Welcome a new era of sparkling innovations with SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS that are indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

Engineered precision, attention to the tiniest detail and highest quality in every lab-grown diamond, with design and experience, built on 125 years of craftsmanship in mastery of light


SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS are made to ignite your dreams.

Each diamond is grown from a tiny diamond seed, which is placed in special laboratory conditions emulating the same heat and pressure necessary to form mined diamonds. Once this tiny seed has been nurtured into a raw diamond, experienced master cutters transform it into an object of exquisite beauty—a 100% real diamond.


If a SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMOND is indistinguishable from a mined diamond of equal quality, how can you tell if the diamond is made by Swarovski?

All SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS larger than 0.10 ct. are marked by a laser engraving. This mark is visible only under strong magnification and identifies our diamonds as authentic SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS of extraordinary beauty.


SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS are perfectly made to express your individual style.

Grown in 20 enchanting colours—the most comprehensive array in the market—our diamonds are crafted in smouldering, sparkling, eye‐catching hues that range from ethereal blush and soft champagne to deep cherry and charismatic blue.

With judging criteria—hue, saturation, and tone—identical for mined and lab‐grown diamonds alike, you are assured of brilliant creativity and optimum colour radiance.


All SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS are hand-selected and graded in the exact same manner as mined diamonds.

Gemologists grade our lab-grown diamonds according to the industry’s standard 4Cs, which relate to cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight, for when you really need to shine.


SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS are quite simply magic.

Creating laboratory-grown, 100 PERCENT diamonds, indistinguishable from mined diamonds in every attribute may appear to be the work of pure sorcery. However, behind the scenes, it requires a vast array of specialists – from diamond-growing technicians, master diamond cutters, and certified gemologists. Each of these experts nurture, shape, and grade every lab-grown diamond until it is ready to be worn in the world.


Celebrate your engagement with a beautifully responsible choice. By offsetting the energy used to produce SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS, we make the process of creating our lab-grown diamonds completely carbon neutral. And we are thrilled that all of our stones are created in adherence with high-level environmental, safety, and labour standards.

With this magic, your lover will certainly say, “Yes!”


How will you choose to symbolize forever? As the world evolves toward more ethical and sustainable models of production, more and more couples are beginning their journey of eternal love with a shared vision of a better, cleaner, and greener planet.

SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS recognize the legacy of our company’s founder, Daniel Swarovski. We honour his forward‐thinking vision of a responsible business, incorporating the well-being of our employees, and care for the environment and society at large. Inclusivity, sustainability and respect lie at the heart of everything we do – so from our heart to yours, we welcome you in.


Let the diamond you bring to your beloved be no less than perfect. Let it be magic. Your love truly knows no bounds, and naturally you want to shout that out to the world with a bigger, bolder stone with more brilliance.

SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS mean you can shine bright. With the exact same characteristics as a mined diamond, our lab-grown diamonds allow you to give your loved one a diamond of indistinguishable and impressive quality while being even more affordable. Let us help ignite your dreams.


Swarovski is a promise, ensuring heritage, style, innovation and perfection in everything we create. SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS are engineered with precision, attention to the tiniest detail and quality in every product, design and experience.

Built on 125 years of craftsmanship in the mastery of light, SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS are our promise of a perfect choice.


While all SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS meet our exacting standards of quality and sustainability, each diamond is unique—just as no two mined diamonds are alike.

Because each of our lab-grown diamonds is an absolute original, every diamond nurtured in our labs is evaluated by the industry standard of the 4Cs: clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight. Which makes a SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMOND a diamond you can eternally trust.


Looking for a diamond that expresses your unique personality?

SWAROVSKI CREATED DIAMONDS are crafted in six classically beautiful cuts: Round Brilliant, Square Princess, Cushion, Pear, Oval and Radiant.

Each is a masterpiece of cutting technology with its own personality, charm, and story, able to bring your imagination to life.