Classic Chain Silver Link Graduating Bracelet

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This John Hardy piece is as classic as they come. Thin strands of quality sterling silver have been hand-woven into his iconic braided design and connected with a beautiful pusher clasp. The bracelet features a graduating design and becomes thicker in the center.

Since 1975 John Hardy’s creations have been inspired by the deep heritage of Bali. Not only are the designs a stunning reflection of their deep-rooted culture and folklore but of the beautiful landscape as well. The bamboo plant can be found in many of his designs and for every purchase from his Bamboo Collection John Hardy plants a select number of seedlings. Over 1 million bamboo plants have been planted and the number continues to rise as part of his “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative. John Hardy strives to give back to the community and preserve the environment that they call home.

SIZE NOTE: This bracelet is only available in a size medium. Please be aware that the size of the bracelet correlates with the measurement of your wrist and not the actual length of the bracelet.

Style #:BB999670XM
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